Supping raw materials for recycling and fabricating industries
Buyers and Sellers of Nonferrous Scrap Metal and Transformer Scrap

Coremetals LLC is an international trading company specializing in quality scrap metals and semifinished mill products.

Over 30 years of management experience in recycling, metallurgy, metal hedging and financing gives Coremetals LLC a solid advantage in the crowded marketplace. What truly distinguishes us is the unsurpassed integrity in business and the quality of our product. We deliver what we contract.

While others make promises, Coremetals LLC actually delivers.

Headquartered in USA with a satellite office in China, Coremetals LLC works around the clock to make sure that customer orders are produced and shipped on schedule and according to specifications.

We offer our vendors and our customers a level of flexibility in pricing thanks to our metal hedging strategies. Our experience in local and international logistics minimizes transportation costs. The end result is the optimal pricing for both our customers and our suppliers.

Please review our web site and contact us with any questions or inquiries.